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October 2016 <--- CLICK HERE

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Newsletter October 2016 - Just the articles

Hello Community.  The weekends are upon us.  Please be in prayer as the Men's and Women's weekends get under way.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to be present and for the Pilgrims to have an open mind and heart.  

Mens’s #99 Sept 29-Oct 2    Prayer Vigil Link <--Click here

Women’s #100 October 6-9  Prayer Vigil Link <--Click here

Volunteers are always welcomed.  Please consider coming out both weekends to help. Remember sendoff (7:00PM Thursday), candlelight (8:00PM Saturday) and closing (3:30PM Sunday).  It is a special time as you all know and it would be great to show your support.  Remember, you need to get your volunteer hours in in order to serve in the talk room.  We are the hands and feet of Christ.  We are servants so let’s serve others.  DeColores                                                                                       

Tammy Jones - Emmaus Community LD

 The Journey – Chapter 3

Twenty five years ago North Central West Virginia Emmaus had their first set of Walks. We had planned and planned, found a place and gathered an amazing amount of physical property as props and decorations for the week ends. We had written a menu and grocery list. We recruited team members from various nearby communities for team and offsite workers, Kanawha Valley Emmaus, WV Eastern panhandle Emmaus, as well as the Lutheran and Episcopal communities. Each team had had seven or eight team meetings and nervously believed that we were prepared. One of the biggest challenges we had met was to get our newly recruited community members to attend weekends in nearby communities and then have some of them to serve on team in those communities to gain knowledge and experience. This was a double edged sword, they gained experience just like the local people that had made weekends in sister communities BUT this also meant that we had to try to pick and choose and blend together many separate and different traditions into what was to become the NCWV weekend. Some of these differences were in Decorations, music, the use of talk songs, same one for every talk or different one and if so how was it chosen, Differences in how meals were served, how the tables were wet and who sat together, place mats or table cloths, when agape was handed out and what kinds of agape was to be considered appropriate. What kind of prayer support to provide for the speakers and how to manage the seventy tow hour prayer vigil. How many Spiritual directors were needed and should they all stay for the entire week end, these were only a few of the issues that we had to decide in order to establish the NCWV Emmaus tradition and to unite our community. The good news is that we did deal with the issues and prayerfully decide what we believe, and still believe, was God’s will for our community. God provided us with patience with each other and the wisdom to listen to His Spirit as He led us through the planning and preparation process and of course the actual week end walks. We did a good job but there was one huge gap in our preparations. We didn’t work enough on Sponsorship. We ended up with only four pilgrims on the men’s walk. The women did a little better they had seven pilgrims. It is obvious that we would have liked to have had bigger weekends but that just did not happened none the less God blessed the weekends and has blessed our community for the 24 years we have been providing walks in North Central West Virginia. 


The Offsite crew on the chrysalis weekends did a AMAZING job! A big THANK YOU to each of you who helped with chapel, agape, kitchen, setup/teardown, and lifted the boys and girls in prayer. The chains of the caterpillars and team were broken. Continue to pray as they continue their next steps (AKA every day for the rest of your life) that they never pick up those chains again.  

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If  would like to get a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, hoodie or blanket from the chrysalis weekend please see Tabby Hamrick over then next 2 weekends in the kitchen. You can also contact her if you are not able to make it to camp but still wish to order. 

T-shirt =$15   Long Sleeve=$20   Hoodie=$25   Blanket=$25

This Kitchen is Seasoned with Love

Don’t forget the kitchen has many sub areas – decorating tables, snack agape, food prep, cooking the food, serving the food, cleaning the tables and washing dishes after each meal. So there are many different was to be the hands and feet of Christ in the kitchen while fellowshipping with your brothers & sisters.

Friday is always a day extra help is needed. Many have work and school on Friday and can’t miss. So if you can help then please do so. If kitchen isn’t your thing there is agape and chapel areas too. 

304-641-2169 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tabby Hamrick – Emmaus Kitchen

Agape Angel In Need Of Help! 

Men's walk to Emmaus, September 29th through October 2nd, and Women's Emmaus walk October 6th through the 9th. Help needed with the following... Table agape 40 for women and 40 Men. Snack Agape for the talk tables. Feast setup and Cleanup, Saturday evening. As well as food donations... Please make sure to bring your food donations before Saturday evening! Cash donations are welcome to purchase food items. Personal letters to be handed out Sunday, 12 per pilgrim. Sponsors please remember to bring yours with you to camp! I ask you to remember your walk, and help or give however the Father leaves you! Last but certainly not least please sign up for the 72-hour prayer vigil, this will be a life-changing experience for all who will attend. They will need us to cover them with the protection of the Father! Thank you and God bless Jodie M Thompson If you have any questions or need to speak to me call and leave a message...I will return your call!!! 304-622-0226 Or 304-629-9039



October 15 there will be a covered dish dinner 5:30PM at H&H Chapel in Fairmont. Followed by the Next Steps/4th Day Gathering at 6:30PM. Sponsors don’t forget to bring you butterflies/pilgrims as this is there opportunity to meet the board and learn more about the community. 

2016 Fall Emmaus


Walk #99

Prayer Vigil Link <--Click here

Mens Pilgrims: Del Poling, Calvin Wears, Jim Glaspell, Dustin Mutschelknaus, Jim Wilson, Tim Shaffer, Jeff Parsons, Mike Harrison, Ron Nelson, Scott Cress, Schuyler Humphrey, Jeremy Snyder

Mens Team: Lou Ortenzio, VJ Davis, Gary Hollingshead, Willie Owens, Ben Randolph, Dan Brown, Brad Bennett, Peggy Williams, Leon Brown, Duane Bartrug, Wade Robinson, Sal Bombardiere, Dave Daugherty, Kevin Gump, Chuck Arnett Jr, Eric Smith, Steve Cummings, Jamie Lanham, David Stickel.


Walk #100

Prayer Vigil Link <--Click here

Womens Pilgrims: Carrie Stump, Angel Pritt, Sharon Wojcicki, Monica Guzzi, Faith Wilson, Valerie Biundo, Julia Randolph, Teresa Stutler, Sandy Gibbins, Tammy Mowery, Kibra Abraham, Emily Bombardiere, Myah Reitz, Paige Robinson, Dawna Jenkins, Chel Anderson, Shelly Wyckoff, Jennifer Grimes, Ashley Jenkins

Womens Team: Donetta Ortenzio, Pam Boyce, Becky Bartrug, Beth Graban, Sarita Robinson, Carissa Bartlett, Devina Callahan, Peggy Williams, Lou Ortenzio, Wade Robinson, Duane Bartrug, Sue Metzner, Connie McMillan, Heather Ashcraft, Angie Davis, Renee Burch, Bonita Totten, Chrissy Doak, Genie Wears, Jackie Glaspell, Janelle Colley, Deb Ayers.


Upcoming Events

September 29-October 2 – Mens Emmaus Walk #99 Lay Director – Lou Ortenzio
October 6-9 – Womens Emmaus Walk #100 Lay Director – Donetta Ortenzio
October 15 – Covered Dish Dinner 5:30PM Next Steps/4th Day Gathering 6:30PM H&H Chapel in Fairmont

Have questions or need more info but not sure who to contact? Send a email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.