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Newsletter November & December 2016 - Just the articles


At this time of year, let us reflect on the gifts that our Heavenly Father has given us this past year.  The Emmaus Walk this year hit its 100th walk. Wow can you grasp the lives that have been changed by the Holy Spirit.  This is an amazing time to give thanks to our God for all that He has done for us.  This community has affected many lives during the past years.  Remember the Emmaus community and board members as we venture into a new year with new goals for our community. This is my last year as a board member.  I want to thank the board for all their hard work in keeping the Emmaus community stable.  Of course, there are always some issues that have to be dealt with good and bad.  We need your prayers, as a new board is select for the next term. It has been a pleasure to serve such an amazing gift from God. I love you all and will continue to give the community my support in all areas.

Donna Sims
Assistant Community Lay Director

Hello Community. I hope this finds all of you in good health and even better spirits. These past three years serving on the board have been a pleasure for me. This past year as Community Lay Director has been both challenging and rewarding. We are very blessed to be part of a community that is full of love, hope, faith and friendships. Please be in prayer for next year’s board. We have six positions that need filled. (see the section on nominations for full details)

If you are interested in serving on board, it is not too late. Please let one of the current board members know.  

Also, be in prayer for next year’s Spring Lay Directors

Girls Chrysalis – April 7-9 2017 – Connie Goodwin

Boys Chrysalis – April 7-9 2017 – Ernest Yeager

Mens Emmaus – April 20-23 – Dave Jones 

Womens Emmaus – April 27-30 – Heather Ashcraft

They have answered the call to serve our community. Please consider teaming or off sighting as there is much to prepare for each weekend. The Lord is counting on us to do our part in growing His kingdom. 

Will you consider being His hands and feet? 

Tammy Jones
Emmaus Community LD 

Hello friends and family. Your spring lay director for women's Emmaus here. I am asking you to pray just the right team, pilgrims, and offsite will form. Not my perfect or yours but God’s. I am praying for God size miracles and raising up leaders to their fullest potential. I know what Emmaus/Chrysalis did and is doing for me!!! 

So pray, pray, PRAY! Team selection will be starting very soon.  

God calling you to team? CLICK HERE --> Let the Lay Director know

Fall/Winter is upon us and with the change in the weather, comes a change in the Emmaus Board.  We are seeking individuals to fill the positions that will be vacated in January.  If you have teamed in the talk room and are interested in being on the board, please let a current board member know. Nominations were taken at October & November gathering. Election will occur during Christmas dinner. 

Nominations for New Board Members for 2017

EMMAUS: Emily Bombardiere, Robin Byrd, Rob Doyle, Connie Goodwin, Jackalyn Tawney. Min 1 more is still needed.  

CHRYSALIS: Tyler Catlett, Kelly Stier, Sean Briscoe, Tabby Hamrick

Community members (both new & old)…

Your weekends were spirit filled and many were set free from their chains.  

Remember, you have changed but the world has not.

Be the light of Christ wherever you go and with whatever you do.

It is not what you do when others are watching,  

but what you do when no one is watching

Journey Chapter 4

Back near the end of 1991, even though we had completed our first set of walks our community didn’t have enough members to have a Board so we decided to keep the steering committee as our governing body for the year of 1992, we also realized that we had a lot of work to do to enable us to keep having walks, The following paragraphs are taken from our December 1991 newsletter to show you just what a large task we were taking on,

“We have grown in many ways during the last two years both as a community and as individuals in our faith walk.  We have made a commitment to continue this growth through providing two sets of walks to this area during 1992.  We will need God’s help in this endeavor and each of us will need to share the burden(work), Some of the tasks and committees that offer opportunities to serve are listed below.

Gathering (ultreya) committee, finding speakers locations, making sure a pastor will be there to serve communion, refreshments, set up and clean up.

Prayer Vigil Committee, setting up the 72 hour vigil for the weekends, signing up our people and soliciting help from other communities.

Supply Committee, responsible for the physical property of the community and assuring that we have what we need to put on the weekends,  This can include setting up for and cleaning up after the weekends.

News Letter, editing, publishing, writing and mailing it out

Phone committee, passing along information about events and /or prayer concerns and keeping in touch with each other.

Preparations Committee, getting things like name tags, place cards, bed tags, etc, ready for the weekends.

Outreach Agape Committee, in addition to sending the community letter to other weekends this can include coordinating the sending of individual agape items and other support to other communities.

Local Agape Committee, conducting Agape Parties to work on agape items and place mats for the weekends, encouraging reunion groups and individuals to give of their time and talents in participating in the ministry of Agape.

Music, leading singing, playing an instrument, teaching songs.

Activities, Committee, planning and coordinating special fourth day events and projects.”

We are asking that each person prayerfully consider their talents and how they feel the Lord wants them to serve in the community.


Please take a moment and let the boards know your feedback on gatherings CLICK HERE --> Gathering Feedback

Annual Emmaus Christmas Dinner is on Sunday, December 4, 2016 2:00pm at Congregational Missionary Church (CMC) in Stonewood. The address for the Church is 203 Hazelwood Ave, Clarksburg, West Virginia 26301. The community will provide the plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, and drinks. The Board members will provide different types of meat and potatoes, stuffing, mac n cheese. In order to gather a good variety of side dishes we will try to break it down as follows:   

Last names beginning with:   

A - G bring desserts  

H - M bring vegetable dishes     

N - Z bring salad and/or appetizers   

Mark calendars…be there…prepare to make a commitment to come celebrate and fellowship Jesus's birth!

Christmas & New Year HOOT!

December, 28 1pm at Congregational Missionary Church (CMC) in Stonewood. We will have games, food, and fellowship. Come hang out with us for a while! Chrysalis will provide the food, we will have some games, and enjoy each other’s company for a few hours.

The Christmas season for many, rather than a time of love, joy and peace, is one where “their” depression is manifest in a powerful way.

The best “answer” in the medical profession is to prescribe medications but these are temporary Band-Aids at best. A tiny percentage of people that we see are satisfied with this option and tell stories of frequent medication and dosage changes to try to find the “right” mix.

We need to believe that it is a spiritual problem!

Many have struggled and fought the good fight in this area with repeated prayer and get the victory. Being told that all they need is the joy of the Lord is really not helpful to those who are struggling and bound up in chronic or “clinical” depression. What they need is deliverance from that spirit!

Here is a prayer to help through this. Let go and let God…

Dear Jesus, 

I know that you are Lord and God. I know that you know all things. 

I've been having problems, and I trust that you know all about it. 

Please help me Jesus, please help me to stay strong in you. 

Please help me to stand up and reflect my commitment to you against what the enemy is trying to throw at me and tear me down with.

*out loud

In the Holy Name, Power and Authority of Jesus Christ 

- I reject depression! 

I make a willful choice that I will not be over taken by depression! 

I will not be cast down and bound up with lack of hope. I know who God is, 

and he has all power and authority on this earth! I choose to stand up, 

proclaim that I'm a Christian. I will not be tread down, no matter what. 

I will continue on, no matter how hard this life is. I'm a Christian, 

and I will overcome through Jesus Christ!

Dear Jesus, strengthen me. 

I'm asking for you to break this depression attempt that is trying to take me down. 

Deliver me, 

as I choose to hold onto my faith in you (patiently) until my prayers are answered. 

Thank you for all you have done, 

I love you, 


DeColores, Sandra Blankemyer – Emmaus Chapel

Dear brothers / sisters

My time on the Emmaus board is coming to an end. It has been an exciting three years. I have a lot of new brothers / sisters in Christ. This coming year is going to be a special year to a lot of new pilgrims. I may be coming off the board, but I will be involved big time in the community. Because of my walk ten years ago, I am filled with the "transfusion" of Christ's blood. So this is not goodbye. This is "see you in the spring".

Your brother in Christ 

Jim Sailor

Community, I know its early still but each one of you be thinking what you will do to help on the next upcoming walks. We need people in all offsite areas. As the chrysalis agape coordinator I need agape angels. So please contact me ASAP if you want to help in that area. You will be blessed! 

You can call/text me at 304 838 5998 or Facebook message. 

Upcoming Events

December 4 – Christmas Dinner 2:00pm at Congregational Missionary Church (CMC) in Stonewood.
December 28 – Christmas & New Year HOOT 1:00pm at Congregational Missionary Church (CMC) in Stonewood.
April 7-9 – Girls Chrysalis Lay Director - Connie Goodwin
April 7-9 2017 – Boys Chrysalis Lay Director - Ernest Yeager
April 20-23 – Mens Emmaus Lay Director - Dave Jones
April 27-30 – Womens Emmaus Lay Director - Heather Ashcraft

Have questions or need more info but not sure who to contact? Send a email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.