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Newsletter August 2016 - Just the articles

Hello community. I hope this finds you in good health and even better spirits. It is that time of year again when the Fall Lay Directors are choosing their teams, praying for their teams and the men, women and young adults that will be taking their walks or flights, and getting everything ready for the weekends. It takes much planning and even more work getting everything together. Remember your weekend? The love you were shown that only comes through the love of Christ. Please consider being the hands and feet of Christ this fall. Please help off site, making agape, and praying for those God has already chosen to attend. We don't know who they are, but He does. If you are not sure where to start, contact a board member and we can help. After serving offsite on a weekend for at least eight hours, you are qualified to serve on team. Teaming is an experience that is nothing like your walk or flight. You experience Christ in a different way. You are now leading others to Him! Remember, we are created to serve Him and to grow His kingdom. What will you do to serve Him? God Bless you all. DeColores, Tammy Jones – Emmaus Community Lay Director.

 The Journey – Chapter 1

Long, long ago, in the fall of 1998, during an Emmaus Walk, God planted a seed on the porch of the Mar-Lu Ridge conference center.  Two men, one a team member and one a pilgrim, were having a conversation about the weekend and the team member mentioned how wonderful it would be if there could be Emmaus Weekends in Fairmont.  During the days, weeks and months that seed grew and grew.  With much investigation the pilgrim discovered that Emmaus was not the only group that sponsored weekends that descended from the Currsillo Weekends that the Catholic Church started over in Spain.   People were located that had made weekends with various communities, Via De’Cristo, Episcopal Currsillo and Tres Dias.   Some of these persons were interested in the Idea of starting and participating in this type of ministry.  They worked together and on the third Saturday evening of January 1990 held a “GATHERING” at Baptist Temple in Fairmont.  People came who were affiliated with each of these other ministries from as far away as Pittsburgh PA and Charlestown WV to support the start of this new Ministry.  In addition many Christians from the local area who had no affiliation with any of these communities or even any idea what these weekends were about attended out of curiosity, because a friend invited them to come.  The affair was a rousing success and third Saturday gatherings have been held ever since that night. But this was only the beginning there were many obstacles to overcome and many blessings from our loving God to come to pass before we could have our first set of weekends, this is just the first chapter of the journey that brought the North Central Emmaus Community to where it is today.  Stay tuned to the monthly newsletter for more chapters in this amazing story.

 Fall 2016 Weekends

September 23-25 – Girls Chrysalis Flight #47/Journey #25 Lay Director – Tammy Jones 
September 23-25 – Boys Chrysalis Flight #48/Journey #26 Lay Director – Dave Jones
September 29-October 2 – Mens Emmaus Walk #99 Lay Director – Lou Ortenzio
October 6-9 – Womens Emmaus Walk #100 Lay Director – Donetta Ortenzio

Be a Sponsor


Is God Calling you to sponsor a Pilgrim or Caterpillar? 
If the answer is YES and you need to take a sponsorship class first, a sponsorship training class is available between now and Aug 27th. PLEASE contact Tabby Hamrick to schedule. 

Caterpillar ApplicationDeadline August 30th 
Pilgrim ApplicationDeadline Men’s Sept 8th & Women’s Sept 15th

 What is Offsite?

 4 areas to come be the hand and feet of Christ...Setup, Kitchen, Chapel, Agape. To be part of the talkroom team you must have a minimum of 8 hours preferably divided between at least 2 areas of service. The board members in charge of each area are listed on the last page of this newsletter along with their contact info. 

Setup which begins 10AM Thursday Sept 22. The big job of unpacking our 3 storage buildings and setting everything up. 
Kitchen is food prep, meals to cook, dishes to wash, tables to decorate, snacks to prepare. 
Chapel is setting up the different chapels. This can include late nights if the nightly chapel runs long. 
Agape is sorting and delivering all those little agape gift. Cleaning and tidying up the talkroom during meals if time as time allows too. 

YOUR MODEL OF FORGIVENESS is my inspiration, Merciful God. If you, our Creator, can overlook humankind's shortcomings. How can I do less? You are a God of second chances. You have demonstrated your compassion since the world began.

Build up in me, LORD, the same will to rid myself of anger and to forget grievances both large and small against my friends and love ones. Help me to understand that when I forgive I am not denying my right to be angry. I am merely acknowledging that right, then moving on, releasing myself from the emotional burden. Thank you LORD, for this great gift....

Forgiveness is the medicine that heals the world...
I will forgive their iniquity, and remember their sin no more.                                      Jeremiah 31:34

Still needing help with the women's chapel please....
Also looking for closing music for both walks 
if anyone is interested let me know...

Sandra Blankemeyer – Emmaus Chapel


I am looking for people who are willing to help with agave love. The help will be needed for both the men's and women's Emmaus walk. Men's walk is September 29th Thru October 2nd. Women's walk is October 6th thru the 9th. Both walks start on Thursday evening and run until Sunday afternoon. 

I would love to have two or three people for each walk. If you are unable to come out to the campground and help, please look below help where you are able.
1. Agape Gifts with scriptures are wonderful. (Sets of 40 matching pieces are needed for each weekend)
2. Snacks for the talk rooms such as fruit, cookies, chips, and water.
3. Remember celebration feast on Saturday evenings, possibly make something very special your choice.
4. 72 hour prayer vigil, it will be posted closer to the walks. This is a very important part of the Emmaus walk, so please if you don't do anything else sign up for this.

I just want you to remember your walk and how it affected your relationship with Jesus Christ. 
Read Luke chapter 24: 13-35 
It will refresh your memory! Pray about it, and then act on whatever the Holy Spirit gives you. 

De Colores My Brothers & Sisters
I look forward to hearing from you soon! 
Jodie Thompson – Emmaus Agape/Prayer Vigil


Bring your favorite board game or deck of cards so everyone can join in! The Chrysalis Board will provide the pizza. Everyone else please bring your favorite soda, chips, cookies, or snacks. 

A Hoot is the Chrysalis form of a gathering! It's named because, well, everyone has a "hoot!" The night is always filled with fun, laughter, some music, and good food. 

If you want to go and need a ride, please contact Codi Richards or Tabitha Hamrick. Can't wait to see you all there!

Gathering News

The community picnic is on August 20 from 12-4 at Clarksburg City Park in Nutterfort Lions Shelter. The community will provide table service (i.e. plates, cups, napkins, cutlery etc.,) and meat, buns and condiments. The picnic is a covered dish as has been done in the past.   We will break up the alphabet according to the first letter of your last name to hopefully have a good variety. Come fellowship and lets all come together as praise the Lord!

So depending on your name, you are asked to bring the following items:
A-H Salad (Lettuce, Potato, Macaroni, Fruit ETC.) 
I-O Dessert 
P-Z Vegetable Side Dish/Casserole
Everyone please bring a drink also  

Looking for some corn hole be great to have a couple and have some nice "friendly" competition . You all will be dominated and be destroyed cough cough lol. Message me(Beth Graban) please if you have one and can bring it to the picnic Aug 20th woop woop.

September 17 6:30PM at H&H chapel (Meadowdale UMC) in Fairmont WV is our monthly gathering and fall commissioning service. Covered dish dinner will proceed at 5:30PM.  If God is calling you to lead music or give your 4th Day/Next Steps Testimony please contact Beth Graban. 

October 15 6:30PM at H&H chapel (Meadowdale UMC) in Fairmont WV is our Next Steps/4th Day gathering. Covered dish dinner will proceed at 5:30PM.  If God is calling you to lead music or please contact Beth Graban. 

2016 Fall Teams

Listed below are the team lists as they currently are. The LDs are making contacts to finish forming the last spots left on team. The Girls kickoff teaming August 6th with the boys, men, women starting right behind. 

Girls Team: Tammy Jones, Ashley George, Erika Utt, Amy Lucas, Sharon Dennison, Bekah Lynch, Tabby Hamrick, Heather Ashcraft, Donna Sims, Shelley Pirrong, Tiffany Sharp, Sheryl Jones, Mercedes Hawkins, Amber Blanchard, Emily Bartlett, Emily Bombardiere, Glenna Butcher.

Boys Team: Dave Jones, Jeffery Hawkins, Tyler Catlett, Ernest Yeager, Robert Stier, Mike Crandall, Mitch Lucas, Sean Briscoe, Ryan Graban, Chris Starkey, Dustin Lively, Kasey Cozart, Chris Gump, Austin Craig, Dice Harper.

Mens Team: Lou Ortenzio, VJ Davis, Gary Hollingshead, Willie Owens, Brad Bennett, Peggy Williams, Leon Brown, Duane Bartrug, Wade Robinson, Sal Bombardiere, Ben Randolph, Kevin Gump, Chuck Arnett Jr, Eric Smith, Steve Cummings, Jamie Lanham, David Stickel.

Womens Team: Donetta Ortenzio, Pam Boyce, Becky Bartrug, Beth Graban, Sarita Robinson, Carissa Bartlett, Devina Callahan, Genie Wears, Peggy Williams, Lou Ortenzio, Wade Robinson, Duane Bartrug, Sue Metzner, Connie McMillan, Heather Ashcraft, Angie Davis, Renee Burch, Bonita Totten, Emily Bombardiere, Chrissy Doak, Jackie Glaspell, Marg Broadwater, Deb Ayers.


Upcoming Events

August 19 – Chrysalis Game Night Hoot 7PM at Congregational Missionary Church
August 20 – Annual Picnic 12-4PM at Clarksburg City Park (Lions Shelter) in Nutterfort
August 30 – Girl’s & Boy’s Caterpillar application deadline
September 8 – Men’s Pilgrim application deadline
September 15 – Men’s Pilgrim application deadline
September 17 – Covered Dish Dinner 5:30PM Gathering & Commissioning Service 6:30PM H&H Chapel in Fairmont
September 23-25 – Girls Chrysalis Flight #47/Journey #25 Lay Director – Tammy Jones 
September 23-25 – Boys Chrysalis Flight #48/Journey #26 Lay Director – Dave Jones
September 29-October 2 – Mens Emmaus Walk #99 Lay Director – Lou Ortenzio
October 6-9 – Womens Emmaus Walk #100 Lay Director – Donetta Ortenzio
October 15 – Covered Dish Dinner 5:30PM Next Steps/4th Day Gathering 6:30PM H&H Chapel in Fairmont

Have questions or need more info but not sure who to contact? Send a email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.